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Waste of the Week - Glass and ceramics

of the


Frequency:  half tonnes one off
Location: Leeds

We have kitted out our entire scrap store with large pallet boxes from Why Waste. They have helped us sort out everything so much quicker and saved us lots of money. We find your service invaluable and can’t wait to see what is coming in next.

- Louise Lucas, Scrap Creative Reuse

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Did you know?  Why Waste is now able to offer up to 2 days free support to reduce waste and save money

Thanks to funding from CO2Sense and the European Regional Development Fund, Why Waste is now able to offer eligible businesses up to 2 days free support to reduce waste and make financial savings.  This could include a waste review highlighting waste minimisation, recycling and reuse options, work on a specific waste stream, help to secure resources for new ventures etc.

Eligibility criteria includes under 250 employees, based in Y&H region, in priority sector including waste management, food and drink, visitor economy and others.


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Defra issues new guidance on what counts as ‘waste’ 05/09/2012

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A new voluntary agreement which could save the hospitality sector £76 million by the end of 2015 through waste reduction and recycling has been launched by WRAP 24/07/2012

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Eco-Fair - Presentations available to download for free 24/07/2012

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DEFRA Proposes a raft of changes for waste regulations in its recent Red Tape Challenge 03/04/2012

DEFRA recently announced its proposals to streamline environmental legislation following a year of consultation...Read more

Pioneering new carpet waste recycling service launched by 4Recycling Ltd 19/10/2011

Waste management company 4 Recycling have recently launched a recycling service for old wool and synthetic...Read more

New voluntary commitment aims to improve businesses’ access to waste and recycling collections 19/10/2011

A new voluntary commitment that aims to improve businesses’ access to waste and recycling collections...Read more

Associated Waste Management take a step closer to “Zero Waste to Landfill” by opening new recycling facility in Leeds. 17/10/2011

On November 4th Associated Waste Management (AWM) will open its newest recycling facility...Read more

Environment Vouchers - Up to £8000 of funding available for Yorkshire based businesses 05/09/2011

Get up to £8,000 to help your business cut costs and carbon emissions
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Why Waste newsletters available to download 22/07/2011

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Three bins for the price of one 07/12/2010

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WoJo" fabric wins award for Wools of New Zealand and Yorkshire partners 09/11/2010

Wools of New Zealand received a Sustainability Award last month for their involvement in the development...Read more

Too Good To Waste - new report on food waste from restaurants - 2010 19/10/2010

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Free support for businesses to save water - Ripple Effect Programme launched - Join Now 11/08/2010

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UK: Office furniture project reports success - 19/07/2010

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M&S drives down waste to landfill by 33% in a year 10/06/2010

Marks & Spencer is sending a third less waste to landfill than it was a year ago, the retailer announced...Read more

UK - research shows reclamation of building materials has fallen due to lack of government support 27/11/2009

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Online game to promote Yorkshire Dales and tackle climate change 08/09/2009

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Old blankets to be recycled for dog charities 19/08/2009

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Nappy waste to make roofing tiles 05/08/2009

Roof tiles will soon be made from recycled nappies when the Birmingham Knowaste plant opens...Read more

No health implications' for fortnightly waste collection 04/08/2009

Switching from weekly to fortnightly waste collections would not pose any increased risk to health...Read more

Businesses advised to 'reuse' tyres 29/07/2009

A new campaign is being launched to promote the use of reconditioned tyres as an environmentally-friendly...Read more

Come clean on supermarket packaging waste totals 29/07/2009

The Local Government Association is demanding supermarkets come clean about the packaging they produce....Read more

The UK's largest anaerobic digestion plant given green light 29/07/2009

The UK's largest anaerobic digestion plant capable of treating 165,000 tonnes of food waste a year and powering...Read more

Manchester City Council pledges to halve its construction waste 17/04/2009

Manchester City Council has become the first local authority to sign up to a voluntary agreement...Read more

Waste companies get free business advice 25/03/2009

A government programme set up to stimulate recycling is offering free support to SMEs working in this field....Read more


Avoiding the landfill trip for those post-consumer windows and doors

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University of Bradford and Crank It Up join forces 18/03/2009

9:20am Sunday 15th March 2009

A cycling group which collects old and unwanted...Read more

Concerns over construction waste code 27/01/2009

Since the introduction of the Waste Code of Practice for the
development industry in September,...Read more

Campaign to stop food waste is working 27/01/2009

Householders are eating up a campaign designed to cut the quantity
of food going straight in the...Read more

Environment Agency issues new gypsum waste guidance 19/01/2009

New science confirms there is no acceptable limit for gypsum to be deposited with biodegradable waste....Read more

Could You Profit From Reducing Waste - Free Envirowise Workshops 11/12/2008

Envirowise, Business Link Yorkshire and Groundwork are offering businesses a unique opportunity to find...Read more

Ainsworth: Going green is essential for competitive economy 10/12/2008

The UK must go green to rebuild the ailing economy and ensure its
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Lord Smith: UK must stay green through recession 10/12/2008

The UK must hold its nerve during the financial crisis and stick to
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IT industry urged to rethink concept of 'green' 19/11/2008

Making IT and technology more green is about more than just
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Waste materials used in mainstream washing machines 19/11/2008

A leading manufacturer of household appliances has taken the first steps towards making its machinery...Read more

England is already beating its 2010 target to reduce the amount of biodegradable household waste heading to landfill. 19/11/2008

An Environment Agency report released to mark the third anniversary of
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Show workers the bottom line, Envirowise says 05/11/2008

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Could landfills resurrect Britain's mining industry? 20/10/2008

Imagine an air-tight dome with teams of robots working alongside
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Trials suggest AWC boosts food waste collection performance 20/10/2008

Switching to controversial alternate weekly collections could boost participation in separate food waste...Read more

Don’t skip the plasterboard – recycle it 13/10/2008

The publication of a new ‘publicly available specification’ (PAS) means that waste plasterboard...Read more


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